Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Millennium Revelation

"Even so, come, Lord Jesus!" It is a prayer said and shared by all those who love the Lord. Those who utter these words understand that this present age will soon pass and be replaced by the glorious kingdom of God. In his most recent book, The Millennium Revelation, author Melchizedek reveals how this prayer may be answered sooner than we think, and how it is being answered, even now.

Using his imagination, and an intellect quickened by the Spirit of God, the author places significant historical events--of the past 2000 years--in the context of Biblical prophecy. He writes: "That great jigsaw puzzle of Prophetic pieces, spanning the Old and New Testaments, were fitted closely together in the New Jerusalem, like a vast De Vinci Montage of centuries of history since the Desolation Abomination was erected, rising to that colossal crescendo of fulfillment in the 20th and 21st centuries." The sentence characterizes the eloquence with which he explains how history and Scripture come together to fulfill Christ's purpose on earth.

The first chapter, wherein the author masterfully reveals how history and prophecy intertwine, sets the stage for the entire novel. The story begins in the New Millennium. At this time Christ reigns on earth and His church rules the affairs of mankind. Moreover, Satan, the source and personification of evil in the previous age, has been confined to the Bottomless Pit, where he will dwell (bearing his punishment) for one thousand years. Yet despite the Lord's presence--and the Devil's absence--on earth, rebellious humans continue to resist God's will. And dark forces conspire to hasten the Devil's release from hell. In other words, things are not yet perfect in paradise.

In the process of creating a colorful drama replete with profound passages of Scripture (and thoughtful exegeses of these verses), the author reintroduces us to the chief patriarchs and prophets of Biblical times. At the closing of the book, the seminal characters of the New and Old Testaments are reunited for a joyous celebration: the Feast of Tabernacles. This grand event will take place in the New Jerusalem. It will be a day unlike any other. For at this time God, the Father, will (for the first time in history) enter the earthly realm. Which is to say: Jehovah will be the honored guest at this feast established (long ago) in His name and according to His word. This celebration represents the royal fulfillment of the New Millennium and the novel.